• mmhan 4.0

    Many of you close to me might have noticed that I have been a little too high last few weeks. I feel that I have been pretty energetic, confident and effective. Ever since my college days, there were never a day that I would get out of bed on time to arrive to where I want to be/need to be.

    But these days I am waking up full of energy and ready tackle the challenges of the day head-on and leaves a trail blazing after me.

    It surprises me and worry me too that it might just be a phase. Just look at the fact I am trying to burn off that energy now by writing this because I woke up in the middle of the night with a burning desire to get something done and couldn’t fall asleep.

    I was actually putting things into my daily log/TODO list at first to see if it will clear my head and makes me fall asleep. However, as soon as I got started I couldn’t stop. It is as if I will have to put words to explain myself about the new me or else I would implode from the frustration of not being able to put a finger to it. (My hands are almost jittering as if I had too much coffee as I type this)

    So here it is – my release notes for mmhan 4.0 - my attempt at reinventing myself to fit myself for Chief Problem Solver title.

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  • Tech Start-ups of Myanmar (in Burmese)

    A video featuring tech start-ups of Myanmar featuring Technomation, White Merak, NEX and CarsDB, of course!

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

    With the onslaught of too-much-information, attention grabbing headlines and unavoidable events that ends up in my circle of concerns, it reminded me to go back and re-read this article.

  • Love, Hate & Tmux

    Some helpful tips and tricks for a beginner like me in using tmux.

  • How to Kill a SSH Session

    Working in Myanmar, once in a while, you’d definitely run into the problem of your WIFI connection going astray and your SSH session getting frozen up.

    At these times, no matter how many times you press Ctrl-C it wouldn’t end your SSH session, and you’d probably end up having to close your termnial window, tmux session and killing the process. That solves the problem, yet if you were like me it leaves you with that itch inside that tells you, you’re doing it wrong.

    Well, that itch had just became unbearable enough for me to search around and Viola!, you simply have to press the follow keys in sequence.


    You learn something new everyday, eh?

  • Changes to Controller Testing in Rails 5

    With upcoming rails 5 release, here are the changes one needs to take note of in testing controllers.

  • Todd Gardner: JavaScript Forensics

    Helpful tips on figuring out some of the trickiest bugs in production for javascript applications.

  • Administrate Gem by Thoughtbot

    Thoughtbot, the guys behind excellent gems such as factory_girl and paperclip has released an opinionated rails administration gem. It’s worth checking out.

  • Bright shiny things that break

    Yesterday, I came across this article that discussed “Facebook’s code quality problem” on Hacker News.

    It says that, Facebook is now throwing 429 people at their iOS app with 18,000 classes. With graphs showing more incidents on the production server when engineers are working on it, it’s been observed that Facebook is suffering code quality problems. The author concluded that if relationships between the moving parts of each system isn’t well understood and well tested, it will definitely break things. Go on and give it a read if you’ve got the time.

    As an outside observer, it’s easy pointing fingers at their demise and feel smug about it. A reductive conclusion would cynically say, if you like facebook’s culture of “Move fast and break things”, simply adopt the mantra of If brute force doesn’t solve your problem, then you aren’t using enough.

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  • Moving Angular generator to use libsass

    When Yeoman generated Gruntfile.js, it comes with compass configured for sass. But the speed with which compass compiles things is such a pain in the ass. libsass to the rescue with better performance, and click the link to see how you can configure it with your existing Gruntfile.js.

    For those of you who are lucky enough not to understand a thing I said, ignore it as just technical geek talk.