Fall of Meritocracy

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What's meritocracy? Here's how they defined it in the dictionary.

Meritocracy: Government or the holding of power by people selected according to merit.

That sound pretty good in days like these when you consider the alternative of state-wide socialism.

That is until you take into account that smarter/more intelligent people achieve more in life, earn more in their career and produce relatively smarter children. These children when they inherit the wealth and the intelligent society of their parents, will continue to achieve in their life too.

The argument of this essay is that even though those children would have to strive for deserved greatness in their life, they did not have any merit whatsoever to deserve to be born with higher IQ in the higher middle/upper class anymore than the less privileged children of the slums.

Pretty well written essay, though the conclusion seems pretty far-fetched.

Give it a read, and tell me what you think.

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