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4 May 2016 04:41 AM

Working in Myanmar, once in a while, you'd definitely run into the problem of your WIFI connection going astray and your SSH session getting frozen up. At these times, no matter how many times you press Ctrl-C it wouldn't end your SSH session, and you'd probably end up having to ...


21 April 2016 02:00 PM

Helpful tips on figuring out some of the trickiest bugs in production for javascript applications. My Notes #1 Script Error: Unknown impact, infrequent There're times where error message contains nothing at all. That usually happens when you are loading cross-origin resources and...

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4 November 2015 09:26 AM

Yesterday, I came across this article that discussed Facebook's code quality problem on Hacker News. It says that, Facebook is now throwing 429 people at their iOS app with 18,000 classes. With graphs showing more incidents on the production server when engineers are working on i...