Link dump

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Here is a dump of some of the interesting links that I have come across over the course of a year that I have not posted anything.

Search for something that you wanna learn and it gives you a list of all the links that you can refer to learn it.

Learn X in Y Minutes

This site gives you a quick introduction of any programming language or tool. I have referenced it from time to time to learn something new in a quick glance.

Internet is Awesome

A catalog of all the free courses available online from top universities.

Just Javascript

Rebuild your mental model for Javascript by Dan Abramov, co-author of Redux and create-react-app.

A set of 20 books to understand the world (twitter thread)

Shape up

A book by Ryan Singer, a basecamp product strategist about Basecamp's process of building new things.


All-new HTML over the wire approach of building web applications, built for

A new approach to email by 37Signals.


Record visitors using your web application to learn and understand user behavior.

Open Source Rails

Explore open source rails projects, contribute to them or learn from them.